As of 2020 we have 3-film-memberships at $25 per person - you can see any films - they don't need to be one after the other.
Top up again when you've seen your 3 films.

Membership is available on the door at all events - cash please!
Kids (under 18) of members can attend for free.
In 2020, $5 from every membership is going directly to the Wyneden Rural Fire Brigade

Why we don't do tickets.

Eden Creek Pictures is a registered Film Society.
This keeps the cost of showings down, but due to distribution and film society restrictions we cannot sell tickets to individual events. So in order to come and watch, you'll need to become a member.
We're a Film Society because we can show films at a far, far lower cost than a commercial cinema, but the people who make and distribute the films we're showing are still getting paid something.
We are not for profit and any money we make goes back into making the film nights a better experience.
So that's why we only sell memberships.

If you've go any questions, let us know: